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Tomato Cream soup       9.80
Leaf salad with sliced chicken and bacon       17.50
The Lion salad  with ham, tomatoes and parmesan     17.80
Prawn Salad  with tomatoes and salad     19.80
Small mixed Salad       7.50
Main Courses
The Lion Burger  with Farmer fries and coleslaw     21.80
Cheeseburger  with Farmer fries and coleslaw     23.80
Toppings:  bacon or egg   each  2.50
The Lion Fish n Chips  served with Farmer fries, Ketchup, Mayo and Malt Vinegar     21.80
Chicken Tikka Masala  served with Basmati Rice and Papadom     29.80
Grilled Sirloin Steak   (180 g) served with herb butter and Farmer fries     29.50
"Rib it up" Large spare ribs with Farmer Fries       26.00
Lamb Lollipops  served with Farmer fries and mint sauce     19.00
Sausage Cumberland   served with Onion Gravy and Farmer fries     19.00
Ham & Cheese Sandwich  served with garnish & coleslaw     13.80
Tuna Fish Sandwich  served with garnish & coleslaw     14.80
Chicken Sandwich  served with garnish & coleslaw     14.80
Bacon Sandwich  served with garnish & coleslaw     14.80
Roast Beef Sandwich  served with garnish & coleslaw     17.80
Antipasti Sandwich (vegetarian)  served with rocket pesto and coleslaw     14.80
Minute Steak Sandwich with BBQ sauce  (120 g)with Farmer fries   110g  23.80
Club Sandwich  with Farmer fries     28.80
Little Bites
Garlic Bread       9.80
Farmer fries  with Ketchup and Tartar sauce   small  7.80    large  10.80
Chicken Nuggets  with Ketchup and Tartar sauce   6pc  10.80    12pc  17.80
Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce       19.80
Chicken Nuggets, Spring Rolls, Farmer fries, Onion Rings, Calamaries and Samosas.
Served with ketchup, tartar and sweet chili sauce.
Beatels Breakfast
Fried Eggs, Grilled Tomato, Sausage, Hash Browns, Bacon, Baked Beans, Peas, Toast and Apricot Marmelade.
Served with Juice, Coffee or Beer

Meat: Swiss
Poultry: France
Beef: Ireland, Uruguay

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